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A Fishy Tale about Cheese Saturday Walk- 23rd March 2024


23rd 2024

A Fishy Tale about Cheese. Meet Cuckoo Trail parking, Station Road BN27 4EU (limited free parking) otherwise on road.


7 miles



24 miles

Jon Reed

Thank you to Jon for today’s walk, A Fishy Tale about Cheese.

We experienced every type of weather from bright sunshine to hail stones, bitter winds to gentle breezes. The terrain was slippery and boggy, but the smell of the earth was life affirming. Happily, no falls despite the challenging stiles and occasional need for strategic manoeuvring over and along prickly brambles. Jon was reassuringly positive most of the time. 


We passed several interesting sites including Farleys House where Lee Miller lived for 35 years with her husband, Roland Penrose. Lee Miller was an American photographer, formerly a model for Vogue. By 1943 she had become an accredited war correspondent for Vogue. Alongside David Scherman she produced one of the most controversial photographic series of the twentieth century, documenting Hitler's apartment on the day of his suicide, they photographed each other bathing in the Führer's tub.

Farley House was visited by many artists including Picasso. In the photos you can see the signpost where Jon stands in reverence to Pablo Picasso who was photographed in the exact spot. 

In contrast to the more serious account of Lee Miller with her extraordinary career, we crossed a field of vibrant green grass to reach Chiddingly church. Jon told us about the monument to the Jefferay family. It was said that the family were so proud that every Sunday their servants laid a row of round cheeses between their mansion and the church for the family to walk on like stepping stones, thus keeping their feet out of the dust or mud!

Jon proved to be a great raconteur, depicting very colourful stories!

We all had a lovely afternoon out in great company and now in need of a long bath!

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