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 MEMBERS - for full details of current programmes go to Members area

Here is an example of our Tuesday walks

Here is an example of our Saturday walks

There are a few things to note that we tell all potential members.


- our shortest walks are 5 miles

- some experience of countryside walking is essential

- our walks generally - but not always - include rough terrain, mud, stiles, hills and other obstacles that we don't know about until we're there! 

- sometimes walks can be longer than advertised due to having to divert because of unforeseen circumstances, such as a fallen tree or a flooded field

- there are times when we may have to climb over a gate if there is a broken stile or the gate has been locked when it shouldn't have been

- it is essential that walkers wear suitable clothing (including a waterproof) and sturdy walking boots or shoes

- walkers should always carry a drink and a snack/sandwich


We are a very friendly group and welcome new members. If you are still interested, then please let us know via our Contact page.

We encourage potential members to try one or two walks before deciding whether they wish to join.

Bexhill Ramblers Map
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